Apartments on the island of Korcula
Niksa Separovic - Prizba
Apartments Niksa House - Prizba Apartments
Apartments Niksa - Beach near the house
Apartments Niksa - balcony with a view to the sea
Apartments Niksa pebble beach in Prizba

Apartments on the island of Korcula - Apartments Niksa Separovic

Croatian island of Korcula was made of beautiful bays. If you search for an apartment or the apartments for your summer holidays, choose beautiful Prizba. A gorgeous view from the apartments Niksa to the bay and picturesque islets which surround this Korcula area, quiet environment but also vicinity of the beach give the apartments Niksa Separovic an unforgetable summer experience..

The apartments are situated near the central part of Prizba - island of Korcula. Shops and restaurants are 200 meters to 2 kilometers away from the apartments. Distances to bigger places interesting to visit, as Blato, Vela Luka and Korcula, are 10 to 40 kilometers.

Distance to the beach of the apartments "Nikša" is 30 meters. The beach is wide and it has shadowed places beneath pine trees which surround it. The sea near the beach is shallow and bright. This beach is also suitable for keeping bigger or smaller boats and windsurfing equipment.

Two hundred meters from the apartments is also pebble beach as seen in the Prizba images.
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In those apartments on the island of Korcula you can spend the most romantic summer or take a rest from long winter working days.
Your hosts will offer you hospitality built over many years' tradition of the apartments renting.

Please click here to visit the Apartments page for for the apartment listing, desciription and the images of the apartments as well as the images the beach near the Niksa Separovic apartments - island of Korcula.